Embarking on a journey into a new world in an unfamiliar environment can be daunting, yet for Marcela, RBTR wasn’t just a discovery, it was a rebirth. In this post, we dive into the story of this incredible woman, aka Ma—a student and friend, who found in dance a gateway to self-acceptance and a strong sense of community here in Montreal!

For those unaware, Ma is a computer engineer and a master in electrical engineering with a passion for education and technology. Since 2010, she has been dedicated to teaching in the field of computing, sharing her knowledge and delving into the exciting world of technology. In 2018, she embarked on a challenging journey that would take her away from home, all the way to Canada and transform her in ways she never imagined. Along with these challenges came a common experience many of us face when embarking on the crazy process of immigration: loneliness.

But in September 2022, Marcela took a significant step towards changing her life by starting RBTR classes. For her, this decision was much more than learning dance steps; it was discovering a haven where she could connect with Brazilian culture and find a welcoming community in the chilly lands of Montreal. She also highlights the flexibility and adaptability of the classes, offering a balance between technique and fun: “What I love most about RBTR is how it adapts to what you want. Whether it’s fun, technique, or relaxation, there’s a class for everyone.

We often talk about how our classes are tailored to be accessible to all experience levels, and Ma told us how this was important for her: “I started off quite sedentary… Guilherme, the instructor I see most, has such a great command of the choreography that sometimes he changes things up to make it accessible to everyone!” I find it funny what Ma mentioned, because, for those who don’t know, I (Priscila Sanches) am the persona of RBTR: A person who likes to dance, always wanted to learn, but never could, especially because of the hierarchy in dance studios. In Brazil, not so much, but here in Montreal, it’s hard to find a studio that values fun over perfectionism. Not my vibe at all! 👀

Marcela with the Jazz Funk class, one of RBTR’s most challenging!

I asked Ma about a memorable moment in our classes, and she recalled the final stretch of her first class at RBTR. “I cried my eyes out,” she remembers, emphasizing how the music and judgment-free environment provided significant emotional refuge. “Gui always creates this moment after class with music that touches us. On that day, when I mustered courage from I don’t know where, as I was going through depression, he played the song ‘Amarelo, Azul e Branco’, and I remember this part of the song vividly, ‘I came to show you. The strength I’ve kept hidden. My heart is wide open, and I’m not afraid, not afraid. I sing to live. I live what I’ve sung. My voice is my empire, my protection’. I cried my eyes out… and that’s how I realized RBTR wouldn’t just be a dance school for me!

[I’m going to interrupt the interview to share something personal with you. What Ma described here is exactly why we believe so much in the RBTR project. Those who’ve followed me online for a while know how I’ve always liked to help others… but indeed, even though I receive messages daily about how my content on immigration/Canada has helped, I’ve never been able to physically witness this transformative power we ALL have in each other’s lives. And now, I have the pleasure of seeing it every day! Isn’t it the dream job?! I love it so much! But back to Marcela… ahahahah]

Ma also told us how RBTR helped expand her social circle, creating significant connections and finding a family of Brazilians in Canada. “Almost magically, people welcome newcomers at RBTR. It’s a wonderful chain of good.” She also shared how dance helped her physical and mental health: “Physically a lot has changed… Mentally, I feel much more secure; dancing has helped, and continues to help, in a process of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and empowerment.” And the coolest thing is that the all the RBTR crowd witnesses this! Who would have thought Ma, once a shy woman in the corner (always asking not to be filmed), would be participating of our YouTube videos?

Look at how amazing she looks!!!

For those thinking of joining RBTR, Ma advises: “Just go for it, embrace the class at your own pace. Interact with others during the class and if you have a moment, stay afterwards, interact with the rabas on social media and find your crowd.

It’s incredible to see how dance is not just a physical activity, but a means of self-expression and empowerment – and for the folks in Montreal, there’s an added bonus of connecting with a welcoming community! 🥹 If you’re around, come check it out! As you know, RBTR is more than a dance school; it’s a place where everyone can find a sense of belonging and celebrate Brazilian culture, even far from home! It’s our little piece of Brazil in Canada!

And for those who aren’t here, don’t be sad! There’s surely a dance studio near you. SERIOUSLY, go for it! If I knew how beneficial dancing for an hour or two a week would be in so many aspects of my life, I would have started sooner!

Check out Ma enjoying the Musa do Verão choreography:

And to finish, a message for you Ma:

We want you to know that your presence lights up our classes and your journey is a constant source of inspiration for us! You teach us about resilience, joy, and the power of being a strong, empowered woman.

It’s beautiful when we realize that our own company is truly rewarding– and that’s what you’ve discovered in recent years. You no longer feel the need to convince anyone of the amazing woman you are, and you care even less if someone doesn’t recognize it. YOU KNOW YOU ARE. It’s evident how much you value your time, your own company, your love, and your worth… It’s beautiful to see how you’ve become your own best friend, and the protagonist of your own story! You are a living example of the positive impact dance (and a bunch of crazy people who love to shake their Raba) can have on our lives!

Know that your support and collaboration in our ideas and projects help us continue to impact the lives of more and more women who feel like Marcela did back in September 2022. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of our family of Rabas!

With much love, Pri and Gui!




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