How Dancing Transformed Ana’s Life Right here in Montreal

Ever wondered how one activity can completely change someone’s life? Well, let’s dive into the inspiring story of Ana Martins, aka Ana Decor or Aninha, a dedicated student of Rabaterapia who found in dance not just a fun workout but also a welcoming community and a new horizon for her life right here in Montreal. In this post, we’re going to delve into her journey and give you a glimpse of how dance (and RBTR) has turned her life around!

Ana is a fearless Brazilian woman who coincidentally arrived in Montreal just two days before the airports closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With three kids and a husband, she faced emotional challenges and the difficulties of adapting to a foreign country. However, an unexpected discovery would change her life for the better: a chance encounter at a Brazilian food restaurant.

Yes, folks, on the day Gui and I officially registered RBTR as a dance studio, we headed to a coffee shop in downtown Montreal. While discussing the website, our ideas, the bureaucratic aspects of opening a dance school, and all that jazz, Ana came over to greet us! She had lots of questions about the classes, where they were held, schedule, how she could join… And just like that, she became our first RABA VICIADA – that’s what we call our members who come twice a week, which translate to ADDICTED RABA. And today, a little over a year after that encounter, Ana is the person who attends pretty much all of our classes and activities, can you believe it?

But do you think this love for dance started just now? Oh no! Ana has always loved to dance, and her passion dates back to her childhood when she practiced jazz. During college, she explored zouk and ballroom dance. After the pandemic hit, Ana began searching for a joyful and fun physical activity that wasn’t boring. That’s when she stumbled upon a RBTR video on Instagram, and a few days later, she found us at that restaurant! “The atmosphere at Raba is incredibly welcoming… I’m extremely shy, and if I had felt any level of differentiation among students, I might have been discouraged. It’s truly special to combine physical activity with fun without even realizing it. It’s such a good vibe!” said Aninha.

Aninha with the Jazz Funk group, one of the most challenging classes at RBTR Dance Studio!

Since she started dancing at RBTR, Ana has experienced a series of physical and mental benefits, as she described it: “The goal of improving blood circulation was achieved, and many others, like getting out of the loneliness I was in, making friends, going out more often… I didn’t even know how much I actually needed this when Raba started!” – knowing this warms our hearts so much! Because I know exactly what Ana is describing here. The immigrant life is not easy… It’s not just about leaving the comfort of home and starting life from scratch; it’s also dealing with judgment, loneliness, and the sadness of being far from the warmth we have in our home country. Before RBTR, Ana told us she went through very tough times, feeling isolated and depressed in Canada. But after she started dancing, her physical and mental health improved significantly, she expanded her social circle, and she could envision a happier future!

Ana highlights one memorable experience: being part of the Baile da Raba, which combined her passion for dance and decoration. For those who don’t know, even though she’s physically in Canada, Ana runs an event decoration company in Brazil. And now, she’s striving to make her mark in this field here in Montreal too. She was responsible for decorating the first two Raba dances that took place at Bain Mathieu here in Montreal. By the way, if you want to see more of Ana’s work, just click here! She’s amazing! (:

I asked Ana how she sees Rabaterapia contributing to the Brazilian community scene in Montreal, and she shared her inspiring perspective: “I see Rabaterapia as a significant step for the Brazilian culture in Montreal. It’s not just about fitting our culture into a broader group called Latin culture, often distant from our reality. It’s an opportunity to experience a piece of Brazil, something that is familiar and welcoming to us but also appeals to people of other nationalities due to its contagious welcoming atmosphere. It’s undoubtedly an oasis for immigrants living in this city.”

Ana also emphasizes that Raba classes are accessible to people of all experience levels because there’s no pressure for results. Each student can progress at their own pace, respecting their individual limits. This reflects Rabaterapia’s philosophy, where dance is a means of self-expression, well-being, and belonging, and where our commitment is to provide a supportive environment for everyone. Check out Ana giving it her all to the tune of RabaHit Sou Musa do Verão:

Ana’s journey with RBTR is an inspiring testament to how dance can transform lives and create welcoming communities. Rabaterapia is not just a dance school; it’s a refuge where you can connect with Brazilian culture, even when you’re miles away from home. If you’re thinking about joining RBTR Dance Studio, take Ana’s advice: just come! You’ll find your place, and like Ana, you’ll discover a new horizon for your life! At RBTR, dance is more than just movement; it’s a path to self-expression, well-being, and belonging. We offer a diverse range of dance classes, including Brazilian funk, pop divas, jazz funk, yoga, flexibility, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner, our studio is a safe space where everyone is encouraged to shine!

Aninha, I want to express my deep gratitude for being a part of this inspiring story and for being the embodiment of how dance can transform lives! I’m sure I speak for both Gui and myself here, as your courage, passion, and dedication are truly admirable, and you have become an integral part of our community at Rabaterapia! Thank you for everything <3




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